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The project structure is split into five work packages (WP). Each WP has a number of deliverables to undertake.

WP 1: Project management

  1. Data management plan
  2. Report of first project meeting
  3. Report of second project meeting
  4. Report of third project meeting
  5. Report of fourth project meeting
  6. Members and Terms of Reference of the project Advisory Board

WP 2: Assessment of the adequacy of NDCs and available pathways to 2°C/1.5°

  1. Scenario database of existing or updated national decarbonization scenarios for NDC and 2°C/1.5°C
  2. Co-design of macroeconomic and transition scenarios
  3. Report on implications of 1.5°C versus 2°C for global transformation pathways
  4. Report on comparing sectoral and technological transformation in national NDC and 2°C/1.5°C pathways
  5. Conclusions of WP 2 for the adequacy of pledges and pathways to 2°C/1.5°C

WP 3: Realising Green Growth: Economic and Security dimensions of NDCs and deeper mitigation pathways

  1. A review of competitiveness, carbon leakage and EU policy options in the post-Paris landscape
  2. Report on energy security implications of NDC and 2°C/1.5°C trajectories
  3. Report on assessing the technology innovation implications of NDCs, technology portfolio choices, and international competitiveness in clean technologies
  4. Report on competitiveness, trade, and industrial implications of the INDCs and 2°C /1.5°C mitigation pathways
  5. Report on quantitative and qualitative analysis of the financial system implications of decarbonization pathways
  6. Report on GDP, employment and distributional impacts of NDC and 2°C/1.5°C decarbonization pathways

WP 4: Assessment of the adequacy of COP21 outcomes for effective
international climate governance and the EU’s role

  1. Report on key concepts, core challenges and governance functions in transformational polycentric international climate governance
  2. Report on the international governance landscape and the role of the
    UNFCCC/Paris Agreement in it
  3. In-depth analysis of international governance landscape and the role of the
    UNFCCC/Paris Agreement in selected key areas
  4. Report on stronger climate action, overcoming political economy constraints
    in major emerging economies and the role of international governance

WP 5: Stakeholder engagement, scientific dissemination, and outreach to policy makers

  1. Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (PEDR)
  2. Database of all relevant stakeholders with clearly defined communication channels and project Advisory Board identified
  3. Website in full operation (fully designed and developed and is launched on the web), including the logo of the project
  4. Summaries of reports, policy recommendations and policy briefs
  5. Report of first stakeholder meeting
  6. Report of second stakeholder meeting
  7. Report of third stakeholder meeting
  8. Report of first policy dialogue
  9. Report of second policy dialogue